The Six-Step GradCAS Application Process

Applicants create an account in the GradCAS online portal and follow the six-step process outlined below to submit applications within the system.

Step 1: Create a GradCAS account.
Prospective students start by creating an account using the online application portal.

Step 2: Designate programs of interest.
Applicants must select—or designate—at least one program of interest before moving on to the next step. This selection is not binding. Applicants can also remove school designations prior to submission.

Step 3: Request transcripts, if applicable.
After creating an account and designating programs of interest, applicants should check each school specific program page to determine whether or not an official transcript is required.  If official transcript are required, applicants should submit an official transcript request at each school he or she attended. Official transcripts for ALL college -level coursework should be mailed directly to:

GradCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9217
Watertown, MA 02471

Programs may have different transcript requirements. If schools require official transcripts, applicants can refer to directions in the Applicant Help Center  for submitting transcripts via registrar’s office, Parchment, or Credential Solutions.

Step 4: Complete the four quadrants of the application—Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials.

Personal Information, Academic History, and Supporting Information are the core sections and need to be completed only once. This information will be shared with all school designations.

If required by your program, applicants may be required to enter transcript information in the Academic History section. Programs may require prerequisite coursework entry, or no coursework entry.

The Program Materials section consists of school specific information, including custom questions, and/or custom document requests, including letters of recommendation. If a school designation requires letters of recommendation, applicants will complete and submit the request for those letters here.

Step 5: Submit the application.

All applicants must complete the three core application quadrants and the Program Materials section for at least one school to submit an application. Applicants pay a $24 application processing fee for each selected program or obtain a coupon code for an application fee waiver (if eligible). Individual schools and programs may also charge their own application fee. 

Letters of recommendation and transcripts are not required to be received by GradCAS prior to application submission.

Step 6: GradCAS provides the application to programs.

Programs can view the application in all stages of completion and can begin the process of evaluation and outreach at any time.  Applicants should communicate directly with their school designations regarding individual review processes and admission decisions.


Application Checklist

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