Before Configuration 

Configuration is the process of creating your branded identity within the program pages of GradCAS. Your GradCAS team is available to assist as you create your page(s) and will review them prior to launching.

Outlined below are a few decisions to consider before you start the process.

How do you want to represent your program selections on the application?

You will do this by creating "designations".  Designations allow you to specify the program name, fee, track, term, population and/or method of delivery for your programs.  Your decisions regarding designations will impact how your data is viewed in the management portal.  Your account manager can assist in providing different designation scenarios.  You can also view some examples here.

Which image do you want displayed on your homepage?

Your program will have its own homepage in the GradCAS application. While your overall image size should be 900 px by 270 px, please note the following:

  • A banner with your program information will cover a bottom portion of your image.  
  • You can choose to display your site’s name in the headline text if it is not already part of your image.

What will your homepage say about your program?

On your GradCAS application homepage, a space is provided for overall instructions on how to be a successful applicant to your program. This introduction is required. It will be displayed along with your program details to all applicants who have elected to apply to your program.

Suggested topics for the program homepage introduction include:

  • Details on how to be a successful applicant
  • Specific details on how to submit the CAS application and the information/documents required to do so.
  • If you are not collecting official transcripts in the CAS provide instructions on how students should send them to you.
  • Include your CAS specific GRE code, if applicable
  • Links to other websites that may be helpful during the application process
  • How to contact your admissions team 

Do you have specific requirements for letters of recommendation?

Each GradCAS school should determine their own specific requirement(s) for letters of recommendation. Additional details will be available during Configuration Portal training. Review the Evaluator Portal section for additional information.

Will you require applicants to answer additional program-specific questions?

This is a great place to include questions that would have normally appeared on a supplemental application.

 If you’re adding additional questions…

  • Access the student application to perform a gap analysis to determine which questions are not asked in the core of the application and that are unique to your program. 
  • What instructions will you provide on how to complete these questions?
  • How will you define these questions — into blocks or groups? You can have as little as one question block with all questions, or you can create multiple blocks to ask similar questions together.

Will you require applicants to identify which courses they have taken to fulfill each of your program’s prerequisite courses?

If your program opts to require prerequisite matching, all applicants will be required to specify which course from his or her academic history best fulfills each of the prerequisite courses listed. What instructions or information regarding your overall prerequisite course requirements do you wish to share with applicants? 

Will you require any supplemental documents from applicants?

Programs can allow or require applicants to upload various document types as part of the application. Document types include writing samples, personal statements or essays, military papers, etc.

Note: GradCAS does not require applicants to write a personal statement or essay as part of the application process. You will need to collect this information in your program materials if required.

If allowing or requiring supplemental documents:

  • Which of the document types will you allow applicants to upload?
  • Which of the document types will you require applicants to upload before the application is considered complete?
    Note: An applicant cannot submit without uploading this document if you require it.