Coupon Codes

Coupons are application fee discounts that you can use to incentivize applicants to apply. Coupons offset the cost of the application and can cover the application processing fee, your program application fee, or both fees. For example, if the application processing fee is $24 and your program application fee is $25, the coupon can be $24 (equal to the application processing fee), $25 (equal to your program application fee), or $49 (equal to the application processing fee plus your program application fee).

If you choose to offer coupons, you:

  • Decide the coupon value. 
  • Specify the expiration date.
  • Distribute them to your applicants.

Applicants redeem coupons via coupon codes; each code can only be used once. To help you manage these codes, Liaison can provide reporting that identifies when each coupon was redeemed and who redeemed it.

Fee Assistance Program

Each cycle, Liaison covers the application processing fee (i.e., the fee Liaison charges applicants) for up to 5% of a school’s submitted applicants. These fees are offset via coupons that you can provide to applicants who demonstrate financial hardship. At the end of the cycle, Liaison performs a reconciliation comparing the coupons redeemed to the applications received, applying the 5% coupon pool and billing the school for any shortfall in applicant processing fees.

You can review GradCAS fees, coupon code options and fee assistance program details here.