Letters of Recommendation

Evaluator Portal Services

We offer a single evaluator portal across all CAS services that enables recommenders to upload a letter of recommendation for each of a student’s designated programs participating in GradCAS. GradCAS faculty previously recommending students for other health service professions that use Liaison’s CAS services (e.g., nursing, physical therapy) may already have used the Evaluator Portal and would thus use their existing login credentials. 

GradCAS Evaluation Requirements

In GradCAS, schools determine the requirements. When configuring your programs, indicate how many letters of recommendation your program requires. 

Note: Students can still submit their application without these materials being completed. 

How It Works

Applicants identify their recommenders while completing the Program Materials section of the GradCAS application (i.e., the specific section of the application only your school can view) and provide recommenders’ email addresses, a suggested deadline date, and a note. The deadline serves as a suggested completion date for the recommender, and if the date passes, it will not stop the recommender from completing the form.

Applicants should notify recommenders in advance that a recommendation request will be forthcoming. Once this information is collected, recommenders will receive a link to the Liaison Evaluator Portal to create an account or to login with existing credentials. In the portal, a list will notify the evaluator of the status of requested evaluations (e.g., completed, declined).

There is a required standard recommender form for each applicant, but evaluators will also have the option to upload a personalized letter.

Note: Programs receiving recommendation letters outside of the portal can easily scan the letter into WebAdMIT and the applicant’s file.