Test Scores

GradCAS schools have the option to have GRE and TOEFL scores sent electronically to GradCAS. This functionality makes it easier to have verified score data within GradCAS without needing to scan or upload score reports from Educational Testing Service (ETS).


Applicants to all GradCAS programs should use TOEFL code B886 to have official TOEFL scores sent to GradCAS.  Unlike the GRE, only one code is needed in GradCASfor TOEFL.

GradCAS GRE Code 

You may already have a GRE code unique to your school, but to have official scores delivered directly into WebAdMIT, you must submit an official request to ETS.

If you are a CAS user and wish to receive official GRE scores via WebAdMIT, you have two options:

OPTION 1: Continue to use your existing school code for GRE test score receipt

If you will be receiving a majority of your applications at your institution via GradCAS, you may choose to transfer your existing GRE code to GradCAS. We will then receive an electronic feed directly from ETS and load an applicant’s official test scores to their record in WebAdMIT. The code will not change.

To initiate this process, please send a formal request to ETS that includes the following details:

  • Is on the institution letterhead,
  • Comes from a dean, and
  • Includes the institution, programs, and existing code, as well as the designation (e.g., GradCAS)


Please note that if you select this route, your institution will receive official ETS scores as before, so you can continue previous internal processes (e.g. loading scores into your Student Information System (SIS)). This ensures that  programs that don’t currently participate in one of these CASs will still have the GRE scores delivered appropriately at your institution.

If you use any of our other CASes besides these, we recommend that you continue to direct students to use designated institution GRE codes, not your institution code.  These designated institution codes are publicized by both the related association as well as ETS and are part of the Applicant Help Centers, which are available to prospective students.

OPTION 2Request program-specific school code for GRE test score receipt

If, on the other hand, you would like ETS to assign a CAS- specific GRE code to your program, please send in an official request requesting them to do so. Detailed instructions are available here.

This information will be posted in the Applicant Help Center. We also encourage all schools to include this information on their website and the program home page. This process allows Liaison to receive official GRE scores via ETS and make it available to you via WebAdMIT. If you choose, you may also include it in your data export to report these official scores on your Student Information System (SIS).

If your university accepts these official GRE scores reported through the CAS and does not require an official GRE report directly from ETS, there is no additional cost to you. However, if your institution wants to receive official scores directly from ETS in addition to those reported through the CAS, ETS will charge an annual fee for sending these score reports twice (once to the CAS and again to your university). The annual fee is $300 for paper scores and $300 for Scorelink Internet delivery (not available to new users). If you wish to continue receiving GRE scores as you have in the past, there is no action needed.

Your institution can download GRE score reports in multiple formats without encryption software free of charge through the ETS Data Manager.

If you have any questions about obtaining a GRE Institution Code for your program, contact ETS Code Control at 1-609-771-7091 or cas@ets.org.