GradCAS Transcripts

Graduate Programs that join GradCAS have a variety of transcript processing options from which to choose.  Programs can choose Official Transcripts, Unofficial Transcripts, and None.  

  1. Official Transcripts - with this option applicants are instructed to mail their official transcripts directly to the GradCAS transcript processing center where they are scanned, verified that they meet official standards (watermarks, unopened, directly from registrar), and electronically attached as a high resolution PDF to the applicants record.  We can only accept transcripts that come directly from the registrar or through our data feed with Credential Solutions and Parchment.

GradCAS does not verify that students have listed all of their institutions on the application.  Any transcripts not listed on the application and discovered by the school should be sent directly to the school.  These can be placed in WebAdMIT under Admissions Uploaded Documents.

  1. Unofficial Transcripts - This option allows programs to accept digitally uploaded versions of applicant transcripts.  Since the student uploads the transcript to your program  (in a PDF or other image format) these are not considered "official" transcripts.  Therefore, each program must make their own determination as to the acceptance of the provided transcript.
  2. None - with this option, applicants are not required to submit transcripts from prior institutions to your program within the CAS portal.  However, it is recommended that your program home page details your policy to the applicant so there are clear instructions on how they need to meet the program requirements.  If your program wishes to process transcripts directly, then instructions on where and how to send transcripts should be included.

GradCAS does not verify coursework.  Programs have 3 coursework options.

  1. All Coursework - applicants are required to data enter all of their coursework  which will allow for more granular and electronic processing of transcript information and gpa information.
  2. Prerequisites Only - applicants are required to data enter just those prerequisites courses as identified by the program.
  3. None - no coursework entry required.


Applicants will need to report all institutions attended. Institutions must be listed within the application even if coursework completed there was transferred to another institution. Applicants will need to report each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance.
Programs can determine their own transcript requirements, whether official or unofficial. If official transcripts are required for your program, applicants are required to contact the registrar at each institution they attended and request that one transcript be sent to GradCAS.
Applicants need to submit only one transcript from each school regardless of the number of programs they are applying to.  Applicants may request transcripts to be mailed or sent electronically by way of Parchment or Credential Solutions.

Sending Transcripts by Mail

Institution registrars should mail paper transcripts to the following address:

GradCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9217
Watertown, MA 02471

Note that an applicant can download a transcript request form when applying through GradCAS.

Sending Transcripts Electronically

GradCAS accepts electronic transcripts from Parchment or Credential Solutions only. If a school does not offer either of these services, transcripts must be sent by mail.

Foreign and French Canadian Transcripts

The GradCAS Applicant Help Center provides instructions for applicants who attended foreign and French Canadian schools. These instructions do not apply to applicants who attended a foreign school as part of a study abroad program.