WebAdMIT Overview

WebAdMIT’s robust admissions management capabilities can help you work more strategically to recruit, evaluate, admit, and enroll new students.

With this comprehensive software you can analyze and report applicant data more effectively, communicate with applicants more seamlessly, and work with evaluators more efficiently to build the strongest possible incoming class.

WebAdMIT Designation Tabs

When you log into WebAdMIT, you will see three designation tab sections:

Designations by Local Status

  • The Local Status feature allows you to chart your interanl admissions process from the initial prospective student inquiry through the offer of acceptance and deposit.  Think of your workflow and the internal stages that an applicant goes through in your unique admissions cycle.
  • View the tutorial on setting up Local Statuses here.

Designations by Decision

  • A Decision Code describes the status of an applicant based on standardized general categorize that exist across the CAS.  A Decision Code must be tied to a Local Status to place applicants in these categories.

Designations by Application Status

  • The Applicant Status shows the progress of an applicant as she moves through the internal milestones of the CAS.  Definitions are listed below.

Understanding Designations by Application Status

In Progress: The applicant selected your program and authorized GradCAS to
release his/her name and application information. The applicant has not yet paid and
submitted the application to your program.
Received: The applicant has paid and submitted to your program but, if you required official transcripts, they have not yet arrived at GradCAS.  Student who apply to programs that do not require official transcripts will then move immediately to Complete status.
Complete: The applicant has paid and submitted and the required documents—all official transcripts, if applicable, have arrived.  This is the final status in GradCAS.

For additional assistance, please contact WebAdMIT Support by Tel: (857) 304-2020 or e-mail: webadmitsupport@liaisonedu.com.